Dr. Matea Polisoto, Hollywood Naturopathic Doctor, launches a collection of essential oil products and online training.

Hi, I'm Dr. Matea Polisoto. I'm thrilled to share with you the amazing benefits of essential oils. Browse the collection of healing blends I've created AND I'm going to teaching you how to use essentials with LIVE classes on my new membership site, www.drmatea.tv I'll be broadcasting every Saturday at 1pm to teach you lots of tools you can use to keep you and your family healthy using natural healing remedies: herbs, essential oils, nutritional supplements and healing foods. Essential oils are the most powerful remedies I've found for healing just about everything. From soothing cuts and burns, to acne, as well as emotional healing, for increasing relaxation and improving mood and sleep, there are so many beautiful oils to choose from. Whether you are just beginning or are experienced with aromatherapy, I've got lots of tools to share to expand your usage of these remarkable healing oils. I hope you enjoy their healing benefits as much as I do. Wishing you the best health! 

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